Medical Examination Review Series
Arun Yadav    Rapid Digest to All India Entrance Examination, 3/e Rs. 200.00

Arun Yadav    Delhi PG Entrance Examination, 3/e, 2001 Rs. 250.00

Atul Soin    MAHE: Dental Examination Review     (In Press)

Atul Soin AIIMS Dental Entrance Examination Review Rs. 125.00

Atul Soin    PGI Dental Entrance Examination Review     (In Press)

Atul Soin    All India Dental PG Entrance Examination Review, 1/e Rs. 125.00

Atul Soin    States Dental Entrance Examination Review     (In Press)

VS Dani    Essentials MCQ in Paediatrics Rs. 125.00

Prashant Gupta    Kolkata PG Entrance Rs. 200.00     (New)

Jatin Kalra    MCQs in Oral Pathology Rs. 150.00     (New)

Rashmi A Joshi    MCQs in Biochemistry for Medical Students     (In Press)

J Samuel    Surgeyr Review     (In Press)

K. Goyal    Handbook of PLAB, 1/e 2001 Rs. 275.00

P.S. Prabhu    PLAB Guide, 2/e Rs. 150.00

Maheshwari    Recent Manual of PLAB    Rs. 250.00

Praveen Babu    PLAB Made Easy     Rs. 200.00

Ramgopal    Sure Success in PG Medical Entrance, 2001 Rs. 200.00     (New)

Zulfi    Pre-PG Medicine Handbook, 2001 Rs. 125.00     (New)

Kavita Dutta    MCQs for PLAB Examination, 1/e £ 3.00

U. N. Panda    Satyam Que.Bank for PG Medical Entr.Exam. (Vol. I, II, III),1/e Rs. 550.00

D. Sharma    Crash Course PG Medical Entrance Examination Rs. 300.00

Sumant Sharma    MCQs in Objective Pathology, 1/e Rs. 70.00

Sanjaya Kalkur    MAHE: Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination, 2/e Rs. 125.00

Dhanaraj Rao    All India PG Medical Entrance Exam. Paper (1989-1999),1/e Rs. 150.00

D. Sharma    PG Medical Entrance: A Quick Review, 1/e Rs. 300.00

R.N. Prasad    Bihar PGMAT Review Rs. 100.00

U.N. Panda    Review Guide to Postgraduate Entrance Examination, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Arun Yadav    Rapid Acc. Guide to PG Entr. Exami. BASIC SCI.(Vol.1), 2/e Rs. 200.00

Arun Yadav    Rapid Acc. Guide to PG Entr. Exami. CLINI. SCI.(Vol.2), 2/e Rs. 250.00

R. Raveendran    A Practical Approach to Postgraduate Dissertation, 1/e Rs. 100.00

By Experi. Teach. Model Test Papers: A Review of PG Med. Entrance Exam. Rs. 125.00

Satish Prabhu    PG Made Easy (Based on Standard Textbooks), 1/e Rs. 175.00

Arun Yadav    P.G. Entrance Examination Review (MCQ), 2/e Rs. 100.00

R.N. Prasad    Postgraduate Medical Admission Test Workbook, 1/e Rs. 150.00

U.N. Panda    Multiple Choice Questions in Medicine Rs. 100.00

Koley    Pre PG Review in Medicine, 1/e Rs. 90.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Medicine (Refer: Harrison Medicine, 14/e), 2/e Rs. 175.00

S.K. Chugh    Obj. Medicine (Refer: Davidson Medicine), 1/e Rs. 75.00

V.K. Puri    MCQs in Cardiology, 1/e Rs. 75.00

K.D. Tripathi    MCQs in Pharmacology, 2/e Rs. 125.00

Rahul Bhargav    AIIMS and PGI Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination, 2/e,2001    Rs. 150.00

Rahul Bhargava    AIIMS & PGI PG Medical Entrance Examination, 1/e Rs. 100.00

S.P.S. Yadav    Multiple Choice Questions in E.N.T., 1/e Rs. 50.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Forensic Medicine (Refer: Reddy), 1/e Rs. 80.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Radiology (Refer: Sutton), 1/e Rs. 80.00

Sunandan Sood    Multiple Choice Questions in Ophthalmology, 1/e Rs. 60.00

U. N. Panda    Review of Pharmacology, 1/e Rs. 80.00

Shweta    Review of Pathology, 2/e 2001 Rs. 175.00     (New)

Gupta    PG Medical Entrance Examination, 2001 Rs. 200.00

Dani Essential Mcqs in Pediatrics, 2001 Rs. 125.00

O.P. Tandon    Multiple Choice Questions in Human Physiology, 3/e Rs. 90.00

Azra Shah    MCQ in Pathology (With Explanatory Answers) Rs. 150.00

Satish Gupte    Review of Medical Microbiology, 1/e Rs. 100.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Physiology(Ref. Guytons Physiology), 1/e Rs. 80.00

Ramesh Kumar    Study Guide to Medical Physiology: MCQs, 2/e, 2001 Rs. 80.00

A. Yadav    M.C.Qs in Preventive and Social Medicine (Based On Park), 2/e, 2001 Rs. 150.00     (New)

U.N. Panda    Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 1/e Rs. 100.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Surgery (Ref. Love and Bailey), 2/e Rs. 150.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Anatomy (Ref. Guyton Anatomy), 1/e Rs. 70.00

U.N. Panda    Review of Orthopeadics, 1/e Rs. 80.00

S.K. Yadav    Pre-PG Examination Review: Orthopaedics, 1/e Rs. 80.00

Sanjiv Jain    Review in Dermatology (Ref. Roxbing), 1/e Rs. 75.00

Niranjan Agarwal    Multiple Choice Questions in Urology (Ref. Cambells), 1/e Rs. 125.00

U.N. Panda    Review in Biochemistry (Ref. Harper's Biochemistry), 2/e Rs. 125.00

D.K. Mehta    Review of Ophthalmology, 1/e Rs. 150.00

U.N. Panda    Review in Pediatrics , 1/e Rs. 100.00

D.K. Guha    MCQs in Neonatology Rs. 150.00

Sanjeevraj Bhatia    Dentogist: MCQs in Dentistry
(2 Vols.)(Basic Sciences Vol.1), 2/e Rs. 180.00
(Clinical Sciences Vol. 2) Rs. 295.00

D. Srivastava    MCQs in Dental Sciences Rs. 60.00

Nusrath Warsi    MCQs in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 1/e Rs. 80.00     (New)

Atul Soin    Dental Examinations Review: Clinical Sciences, 2/e Rs. 175.00

Agarwala    Handbook of Physiology With MCQs, 2001 Rs. 175.00     (New)

Townsen    Sabiston Review of Surgery, 3/e    Rs. 150.00

Wakode    MCQs in Ear, Nose and Throat Rs. 80.00

RC Gupta    MCQs in Biochemistry Rs. 125.00

Sharma    M.C.Qs in Objective Pathology, 2000 Rs 70.00     (New)

Kalra    M.C.Qs in Oral Pathology, 2001 Rs. 150.00     (New)

K. Jagannathan    MCQs in Science of Dental Materials     (In Press)

Rajesh Bhatia    MCQs in Microbiology, 1/e Rs. 70.00

Suraj Gupte    MCQs in Medicine, 7/e Rs. 75.00

N.D.Khurana    MCQs in Surgery (Including Orhtopaedic & Anaesthesia), 4/e Rs. 60.00

Usha Raina    MCQs in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 7/e Rs. 60.00

Suraj Gupte    MCQs in Pediatrics, 5/e Rs. 50.00

I B Singh    MCQs in Anatomy, 1/e Rs. 60.00

P.K. Khosla    MCQs in Ophthalmology, 1/e Rs. 50.00

V.G. Palherkar    MCQs in Basic Medical Sciences (Part I), 4/e Rs. 50.00

K. Chaudhry    MCQs in Para Clinical Sciences (Part II), 4/e Rs. 35.00

B.P. Jaju    MCQs in Pharmacology, 1/e Rs. 50.00

D. M. Vasudevan    Campanion to the TB of Bioch. for Medical Students (MCQs) Rs. 100.00

U.N.Panda    MCQs in Neurology, 1/e Rs. 30.00

Vidya Ratan    MCQs in Preventive & Social Medicine, 4/e Rs. 30.00

Jack Joseph    MCQs in Anatomy, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 40.00

V.K.Malhotra    MCQs in Biochemistry, 2/e Rs. 25.00

M.C. Pant    Self Biochemistry, 1/e Rs. 75.00

Surya Bhan    MCQs in Orthopaedics, 1/e Rs. 50.00

Satish Gupte    Advanced MCQs in Medical Microbiology, 3/e Rs. 85.00

S.C. Gupta    MCQs in Ophthalmology, 2/e Rs. 40.00

Mohd. Maqbool    MCQs in E.N.T., 4/e Rs. 40.00

L.C.Gupta    MCQs in Clinical Medicine, 1/e Rs. 50.00

O.P.Agarwal    MCQs in Community Health, 3/e Rs. 50.00

R.Sood    MCQs in Behavioural Sciences, 2/e Rs. 50.00

J.S.Pasricha    MCQs in Dermatology & Venereology, 3/e Rs. 35.00

R.Kumar    MCQs in Anaesthesia, 3/e Rs. 40.00

Ramnik Sood    MCQs in Pathology, 4/e Rs. 60.00

S.C. Gupta    MCQs in Ophthalmology & E.N.T, 2/e Rs. 35.00

R. Malhotra    Self Ass.: Revision in Scien. Basic to Ophth.,1/e (Or. Pr.£ 19.99) Rs. 150.00

Vivian    MCQs in Ophthalmology, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Y.K. Gupta    MCQs in Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 2/e Rs. 50.00

L.C. Gupta    MCQs in Forensic Medicine, 3/e Rs. 60.00

G.S. Garkal    MCQs in Radiology, 2/e Rs. 25.00

Niraj Ahuja    MCQs in Psychiatry, 3/e Rs. 75.00

Medical Examination Review Book (2 Vols.), 3/e Rs. 100.00

Brochert    Crush the Boards the Ultimate Usmle Step 2 Review, 2001 Rs. 300.00     (New)

Sleisenger    Gastrointestinal and liver Diseases: Review & Assessment $ 15.00

Nelson    Review of Pediatrics $ 15.00

Walsh    Cambell's Urology Study Guide $ 20.00

Robbins    Review of Pathology $ 15.00

Chung    BRS Gross Anatomy $ 11.00

Stead    BRS Emergency Medicine $ 12.00

Crabtree    BRS General Surgery $ 11.00

Shaner    BRS Psychiatry $ 11.00

Sakala    BRS Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2/e 2000 $ 11.00

Fadem    BRS Behaviour Sciences $ 11.00

Baliga    MRCP-500 MCQs for the MRCP Part 1, (Or. Pr. £ 12.95) £ 3.50

Craig    MRCP (Paediatrics) Paediatric Picture Tests, (Or. Pr. £ 22) £ 8.00

Elliott    Pass the MRCP (Parts 1 and 2), (Or. Pr. £ 14.50) £ 3.00

Hannam    MRCP (Paediatrics) Part 1 MCQs, (Or. Pr. £ 19.95) £ 3.00

Sharif    MRCOG-Part 2 MCQs: Clinical Obst. & Gyne., (Or. Pr. £ 22.50) £ 3.50

Williams    Pass the MRCPsych Essay, (Or. Pr.£ 14.95) £ 3.00

Lucas    Paediatric MCQ Revision for MRCP & MRCPCH,1/e (Or. Pr. £ 13.00) £ 3.00

M.D. Ram    Surgery Review: A Self-Ass.Study Manual, 1/e Rs. 75.00

Bollet    Yearbook of Medical Licensure (Part 1) Review: BASIC SCIENCES Rs. 200.00

Bollet    Yearbook of  Medical Licensure (Part 2) Review: CLINICAL SCIENCES Rs. 200.00

Foster    1200 MCQs in Pharmacology, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Stringer    MCQs in Radiology, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Glew    MCQs in Psychiatry, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Braunstein    Outlines and Review of Pathology, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Hoffman    Emergency Medicine (Self Ass.& Review), 2/e Rs. 90.00

FMGEMS: Basic Sciences Examination Review, 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

FMGEMS: Clinical Sciences Examination Review, 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Baker et al    FLEX Review, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 90.00

Wilson    Medical Examination Review in Anatomy, 9/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Robert    Medical Examination Review in Behavioral Sciences, 2/e Rs. 60.00

Kalman    Medical Examination Review in Physiology, 8/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

David Charles    Medical Examination Review in Obst. and Gyn., 6/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Raymonde    Medical Examination Review in Obst. & Gyne. , 7/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Alfred    Medical Examination Review in Surgery Specialty Board Review Rs. 75.00

Gardner    MCQs with Explanatory Answers in Anes. , 7/e 1/e Ind. Rs. 70.00

Lalerva    Medical Examination Review in Pediatrics, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Glick    Medical Examination Review in Biochemistry, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Baker    Medical Examination Review in Medicine, 9/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

Fayemi    Medical Examination Review in Pathology, 9/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

Holbrook    Medical Examination Review in Physical Diagnosis, 3/e Rs. 50.00

M.D. Ram    Self Ass.of Current Knowledge in Surgery, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

Leonard    Radiography Examination Review, 6/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

M.D. Ram    Medical Examination Review in Surgery, 9/e, 1/e Ind. (Vol. 5) Rs. 60.00

Kim    Medical Examination Review in Microbiology, 9/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Holmes    Self-Assessment in Clinical Hematology, 1/e $ 23.95

Mehta    Self-Assessment Colour Review of Clinical Hematology, 1/e $ 23.95

Milner    Self-Assessment Picture Tests in Pediatrics Medicine, 1/e $ 23.95

Shaw    Self-Assessment Picture Tests in Pediatric Dentistry, 1/e $ 29.95

Glyn Jones    Self-Assessment Picture Tests in Operative Dentistry, 1/e $ 29.95

Glenwright    Self-Assessment Picture Tests in Periodontology Dentistry, 1/e $ 29.95

Winstanley    Self-Assessment Picture Tests in Prosthodontics, 1/e $ 29.95

Walker    Self-Assessment Picture Tests in Endodontics, 1/e $ 29.95

Bouloux    Self-Assessment Picture Tests: Medicine (4 Vols.), 1/e £ 47.80

Rout    Self-Assessment Picture Tests: Oral Radiology, 1/e $ 29.95

White    Self-Assessment Picture Tests: Dental Technology, 1/e $ 29.95

Bouloux    Self-Assessment Questions in Colour Clinical Medicine, 1/e $ 23.95

Lavy    Que. & Ans. on Apley’s Concise System of Ortho., 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

Clain    Self-Assessment in Que. & Ans. on Clinical Surgery, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Henderson    Que. & Ans. in General Sur. for Rev. & Self-Ass., 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Holzman    Comprehensive Gynecology Review, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Bajandas     Neuro-Ophthalmology Review Manual, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Wood    Review of Diag., Oral Medi., Radio. & Treat. Planning, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Karp     Blueprints in Surgery, 2/e, (Or. Pr. £ 15.95) Rs. 200.00

Marino     Blueprints in Pediatrics, 2/e, (Or. Pr. £ 15.95) Rs. 395.00

Murphy     Blueprints in Psychiatry, 2/e, (Or. Pr. £ 12.95) Rs. 200.00

Callahan     Blueprints in Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2/e (Or. Pr. £ 15.95) Rs. 395.00

Young     Blueprints in Medicine, 2/e, (Or. Pr. £ 15.95) Rs. 395.00

Medical Statistics

B.K. Mahajan    Methods in Biostatistics, 6/e Rs. 150.00

K. Viswesh. Rao    Biostatistics: The Manual of Statistical Methods for
use in Health & Nutrition, 1/e Rs. 450.00

I.B. Singh    Elementary Statistics for Medical Workers, 1/e Rs. 35.00

Medical Transcription Series

Chabner    The Language of Medicine, 6/e $ 42.95

Diehi    Medical Keyboarding, Typing and Transcribing, 4/e $ 35.00

Fordneys    Medical Transcription Guide: Dos & Dont's, 2/e Rs. 525.00

Destafins    Introduction to Medical Transcription $ 35.00

Chabner    Medical Translator $ 5.00

Gylys    Medical Terminology, 4/e with CD-ROM $ 41.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbols $ 36.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Alternative Medicine Words $ 37.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Cardiology & Pulmonary Words, 2/e 1997 $ 35.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Dermatology and Immunology Words $ 35.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Electronic Medical Dictionary CD-ROM (version 5.0) $ 79.00

Stedmans    Stedmans GI & GU Words $ 35.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Medical and Surgical Equipments Words $ 36.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Medcial Dictionary Exclusive $ 40.00

Stedmans    Stedmans Medical Eponyms $ 34.00

Stedmans    Stedmans Medical Spellar, 2/e $ 30.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Neurosurgery Words $ 29.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Obstetrics and Gynaecology Words $ 35.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Oncology Words, 3/e 2000 $ 37.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Ophthalmology Words, 3/e 2000 $ 36.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Words $ 36.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Words $ 36.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Plastic Surgery/ENT/Dentistry Words $ 37.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Plus Spell Checker CD-Rom (version 8.0) $ 99.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Plus Spell Checker Floppy $ 99.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Psychiatry/Neurology/Neurosurgery Words $ 36.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Radiology and Oncology Words $ 35.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Radiology Words, 3/e 2000 $ 37.95

Stedmans    Stedmans Surgery Words $ 36.95

Quick Look Drug Book 2001

Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference with Sound 2001

American Medical Association Manual of Style $ 39.95

American Drug Index 2001

Drake    Saunders Pharmaceutical Word Book 2000 $ 29.95

Dorland    Dorland’s Gastroenterology Speller : 1993 $ 29.00

Dorland    Dorland’s Dentistry Speller $ 19.00

Dorland    Dorland’s Electronic Medical Dictionary (Cd Rom) : 28/E $ 49.95

Dorland    Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary : 28th Edition 1999 $ 42.95

Dorland    Dorland’s Pocket Medical Dictionary Rs. 260.00

Chabner    Medical Terminology A Short Course : 2/E $ 17.95


R. Alagappan    Manual of Practical Medicine, 1/e Rs. 300.00

K.V. Krishna Das    TB of Medicine, 3/e Rs. 450.00

Bansal    Recent Concepts in Stroke, 1/e Rs. 300.00

Birendra Prasad    TB of Medicine (Hindi) Rs. 400.00

L.C. Gupta    Practical Standard Prescriber, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 40.00

L.C. Gupta    Differential Diagnosis, 6/e Rs. 175.00

Sethuraman    Communication Skills in Clinical Practice, 1/e, 2001    Rs. 200.00    (New)

RN Bansal    Pocket Manual of Case Taking, 1/2 2001 Rs. 25.00     (New)

Arun Gupta    Asthma Care and Management Guidelines for Doctors, 2001 Rs. 150.00     (New)

S.K. Sharma    Tuberculosis, 2001 Rs. 795.00     (New)

Kumar & Clark    Clinical Medicine, 4/e £ 16.50

Kumar & Clark    Acute General Medicine £ 8.00

Anjan Prakash    Medical Audit     (In Press)

Vasnaik    Essentials of Emergency Medicine, 2/e 2000 Rs. 175.00

R.N. Srivastava    Pediatric Nephrology Rs. 350.00     (New)

Ashok R. Mehta    Diagnosis and Management of Cancer, 1/e     (In Press)

Birendra Prasad    Principles & Practice of Medicine A TB for Stud. & Pract., 1/e Rs. 450.00

K.V.Krishna Das    Clinical Medicine, 2/e Rs. 250.00

D. Behera    Bronchial Asthma, 1/e Rs. 250.00

S Pani    Pani's Filariasis Rs. 100.00     (New)

M.M.S. Ahuja    Diabetes Care in Clinical Practice, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Raman Kapur    Soft Lasers in Medical Practice, 1/e Rs. 250.00

GD Mogli    Medical Records Organization and Management Rs. 150.00

Sharad Pendsey    Practical Management of Diabetes, 1/e Rs. 100.00

S.K. Sharma    Recent Advances in Respiratory Medicine, 1/e Rs. 300.00

U.N. Panda    Bedside Examinations, 1/e Rs. 150.00

U.N. Panda    Bedside Clini. in Surgery, Medi., Obst. & Gyn., Ophth. & ENT Rs. 125.00

U.N. Panda    Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, 2/e Rs. 300.00

D. Behera    TB of Pulmonary Medicine, 2/e     (In Press)

K.P. Paulose    Medical Therapeutics, 2/e Rs. 80.00

A.K. Mandal    TB of Nephrology Rs. 300.00

U.N. Panda    PAIN: Clinical Aspects and Management, 1/e Rs. 150.00

K.R. Sethuraman    Objective Structured: Clinical Examination, 2/e Rs. 70.00

S. Sunder    Lecture Notes on Rehabilitation Medicine Rs. 125.00

N.K. Gami    Bedside Clinical Medicine, 2/e Rs. 200.00

U.N. Panda    Short Cases in Medicine, 3/e Rs. 100.00

A.K. Mandal    Recent Advances in Internal Medicine, 1/e Rs. 250.00

Rajeev Gupta    Contemporary Medicine-1, 1/e Rs. 150.00

U.N. Panda    Medicine for Nurses, 2/e Rs. 100.00

Peeyush Jain    Manual of Practical Medicine, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Panda    Lecture Notes in Clinical Medicine, 1/e Rs. 80.00

U.N. Panda    Essentials of Medicine Rs. 95.00

U.N. Panda    Manual of Medical Therapeutics, 2/e 2001    Rs. 200.00

Y. Arun    Signs and Syndromes in Clinical Medicine, 2/e     (In Press)

L.C. Gupta     Practical Standard Prescriber, 6/e Rs. 70.00

L.C. Gupta    Manual of Medical Emergencies, 2/e Rs. 175.00

K. Chaudhry    Medicine for Students & Practitioners, 8/e Rs. 95.00

KARamachandran    Aids to Medicine, 2/e Rs. 30.00

R. Dogra    Aids to Clinical Medicine Rs. 30.00

L.C. Gupta    Viva in General Medicine, 2/e Rs. 50.00

U.N. Panda    Aids to Post Graduate Medicine, 1/e Rs. 75.00

V. Balakrishnan    Common Problems in Gastroenterology, 1/e Rs. 65.00

Ashok Garg    Synopsis of AIDS, 2/e Rs. 40.00

Krishan    Medicine Mnemonics, 4/e Rs. 25.00

L.C. Gupta    Medical Values & Datas, 1/e Rs. 45.00

Schluger    Tuberculosis Pearls, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Shoemaker    TB of Critical Care $ 90.00

Cecil    TB of Medicine, 2001 $ 60.00

Andreoli    Cecil: Essentials of Medicine, 5/e    Rs. 995.00

Orient    Sapira's ART and Science of Bedside Diagnosis $ 30.00

Humes    Kelley's TB of Internal Medicine, 4/e $ 70.00

Marsh    Internal Medicine Pearls, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Gareth Williams    Handbook of Diabetes, 2/e £ 20.00

Yamada    TB of Gastroenterology (2 Vols.), 2/e $ 269.00

Seidal    Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination, 4/e $ 58.00

Forbes    A Colour Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine, 2/e £ 22.00

Epstein    Clinical Examination (Full Colour), 2/e $ 44.95

Barbara Erickson    Heart Sound and Murmurs: A Practical Guide with Cassette Rs. 250.00

Robert L. Wilkins    Lung Sounds: A Practical Guide with Cassette, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Lehrer    Understanding Lung Sounds with Cassette Rs. 395.00

Ryder    Medical Short Cases for Medical Students £ 14.95     (New)

M.H. Pappworth    A Primer of Medicine, 5/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 175.00

Curz    Lung Cancer: Handbook Evaluation and Management, 1/e Rs. 160.00

Nissenson    Dialysis Therapy, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Hoffman    Emergency Medicine (Self Ass.& Review), 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 90.00

Parrillo    Current Therapy in Critical Care Medicine, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Hurst    Current Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 350.00

Ellastam    Manual of Emergency Medicine, 5/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 85.00

Zollo    The Portable Internist, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Parsons    Critical Care Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Markovchick    Emergency Medical Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

McDermott    Endocrine Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00     (New)

Forciea    Geriatric Secrets, 2/e 2001 Rs. 300.00     (New)

McNally    GI/Liver Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Gates    Infectious Diseases Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Zollo    Medical Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Hrick    Nephrology Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Cone    Occupational Medical Secrets Rs. 300.00

Gates    Oncology Nursing Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Kanner    Pain Management Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Pons    Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Secrets, 1/e Rs. 300.00

Mladenovic    Primary Care Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Parsons    Pulmonary Respiratory Therapy Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

West    Rheumatology Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Mellion    Sports Medicine Secrets, 2/e Ind. Rs. 400.00     (New)

Ress    Cancer in Practice, 1/e, (Special Price) £ 25.00

Fulde    Emergency Medicine: The Principles of Practice Rs. 150.00

Glassman    Outpatient Care Handbook, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Kincaid    Problems in Clinical Medicine, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Talley    Examination Medicine, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Suratt    Manual of Medical Procedures, 1/e Ind. Rs. 85.00

Katz    Telephone Triage and Training in Medicine, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Greenberger    A Primer of Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine, 2/e Rs. 60.00

Hawkins    Treatment and Prognosis in Medicine, 1/e Ind. Rs. 95.00

Friedman    Medicine: The Bare Bones, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Sahn    Pulmonary Pearls (Chest Disease), 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Roth    Handbook of Emergency Medical Therapy, 1/e Ind. Rs. 25.00

Brater    Drug Use in Clinical Medicine, 1/e Ind. Rs. 25.00

Proudfoot    Acute Poisoning: Diagnosis & Management, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Schiff    Schiff’s Diseases of the Liver, 8/e $ 270.00

Sheila    Sherlock A Colour Atlas of Liver Disease, 2/e, (Special Price) Rs. 1500.00

Beeching    Illustrated Case Histories in Infectious Diseases, 1/e Rs. 550.00

Roberts    Illustrated Case Histories in Cardiovascular Medicine, 1/e Rs. 550.00

Morris    Illustrated Case Histories in Gastroenterology, 1/e Rs. 595.00

Forbes    Illustrated Case Histories: Clinical Medicine, 1/e Rs. 595.00

Milner    Self-Ass.Picture Tests in Pediatrics Medicine, 1/e $ 23.95

Forbes    Self-Ass.Picture Tests in Clinical Medicine, 1/e $ 23.95

Bouloux    Self-Ass.Picture Tests: Medicine (4 Vols.), 1/e £ 47.80

Zatouroff    Diagnosis in Color Physical Science in General Medicine, 2/e £ 21.95

Savin    Diagnosis in Color Skin Signs in Clinical Medicine, 1/e £ 12.00

Rhodes    Clinical Problems in Gastroenterology, 1/e £ 29.95

Brensilver    A Primer of Water, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Syndromes, 8/e Rs. 200.00

Henry    Management of Poisoning: A HB for Health Care Workers, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

W.H.O.     Guide to Good Prescribing, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

W.H.O.     Treatment of Tuberculosis: Guideline for National Progr., 2/e Rs. 75.00

W.H.O.     Tuberculosis:A Clinical Manual for South-East Asia,1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

W.H.O.     Treatment of Tuberculosis, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 25.00

K. Toman    Tuberculosis Case-Finding & Chemotherapy, 2/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

W.H.O.     Cancer Pain Relief, 1/e Ind. Rs. 25.00

Dubas    Colour Atlas of Mountain Medicine, 1/e Rs. 2800.00

L.M. Shapior    Colour Atlas of Hypertension, 2/e Rs. 1985.00

J.M. Parkin    Differential Diagnosis in AIDS (A Colour Guide), 1/e £ 12.95

Cochrane Rees    A Colour Atlas of ASTHMA, 1/e Rs. 1500.00

Novey    Rapid Access Guide to the Physical Exam., 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Skach    Handbook of Medical Treatment, 8/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

BMJ    Procedures in Practice, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Riggs    Respiratory Facts, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Bachorik    Internal Medicine Case Studies, 1/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

Ferri    Practical Guide to the Care of Medical Patient,5/e(Or. Pr. $ 32.95)     Rs. 595.00

Baliga    250 Short Cases in Clinical Medicine, 2/e, (Or. Pr. £ 15.95) £ 5.50

Chan    Bedside Critical Care Manual, 1/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

W.H.O.     The New Emergency Health Kit, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 20.00

Ryder     An Aid to the MRCP Short Cases, (Or. Pr. £ 30.00) £ 12.00

Moulton     Lecture Notes on Emergency Medicine, (Or. Pr. £ 19.95) £ 7.00

Greene     Decision Making in Medicine, 2nd Asian Ed, (Or. Pr. £ 69.95) Rs. 795.00

Braunwald     Atlas of Internal Medicine, (Or. Pr. $ 150.00) $ 80.00

Schrier     Atlas of Diseases of the Kidney (5 Vols) £ 350.00

Insman     A Clinician’s Guide to Tuberculosis, (Or. Pr. $ 59.95) $ 20.00

Mnemonics Series

RN Bansal    Pocket Manual of Case Taking, 1/2 2001 Rs. 25.00     (New)

Krishan    Anatomy Mnemonics, 2/e Rs. 15.00

(Mrs) V. Prabha     Mnemonatic Pharmacology, 4/e Rs. 15.00

Krishan     Obstetrics & Gynaecology Mnemonics, 1/e Rs. 15.00

Krishan     Surgery Mnemonics, 1/e Rs. 15.00

Krishan     Medicine Mnemonics, 4/e Rs. 25.00


N.K. Gami     Bedside Approach to Clinical Neurology, 1/e Rs. 330.00

Patten     Neurological Differential Diagnosis, 2/e Asian DM 20.00

W.H.O.     Application of the ICD to Neurology, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Mumenthaler     Neurologic Differential Diagnosis, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Guberman     Essentials of Clinical Epilepsy, 2/e 2001 £ 5.00     (New)

Markes    Child Neurology, 6/e $ 35.00     (New)

Bradley    Pocket Companion to Neurology in Clinical Practice, 3/e £ 7.00     (New)

Bradley     Review Manual for Neurology in Clinical Practice, 3/e £ 12.00     (New)

Hughes    Neurological Emergencies, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Haerer     Dejong’s: The Neurologic Exam., 5/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 112.75) $ 30.00

Rolak     Neurology Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00     (New)

Strub     The Mental Status: Examination in Neurology, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

Olson     Handbook of Symptom Oriented Neurology, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Cartlidge     Case Presentation in Neurology, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Bradley     Neurology in Clinical Practice (2 Vols.), 3/e £ 250.00

Carr     Neurological Rehabilitation, (Or. Pr. £ 27.50) £ 6.00


U. N. Panda     Jaypee’s Nurses’ Dictionary, 1/e Rs. 85.00

Bansal     Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 125.00

J. Anthikad     Biochemistry for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 80.00

S. Nambi     Psychiatry for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 80.00

Shakuntla Sharma     Principles and Practice of Nursing, 1/e Rs. 150.00

BT Basavanthappa     Community Health Nursing, 1/e Rs. 250.00

T.K. Indrani     TB of Sociology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00

CP Thresyamma     Midwifery, 1/e, 2001 Rs. 140.00     (New)

Anthikad     Psychology for Nurses, 2/e, 2001 Rs. 100.00     (New)

Renu Jogi    Paediatric Nursing (Hindi), 2001 Rs 77.00     (New)

CP Thresyamma     Operating Room Technique and Anaesthesia for
General Nursing Course,1/e, 2001 Rs. 90.00     (New)

RL Bijlani     Fundamentals of Physiology: A TB for Nursing Students    Rs. 200.00

BT Basavanthappa    Nursing Administration, 1/e Rs. 200.00

S. Choudhury    Respiratory Nursing Care Rs. 75.00

Bhide     A TB of Obs. for Nurses & Midwives (Pregnancy and Child) Rs. 150.00

BT Basavanthappa     Fundamentals of Nursing     (In Press)

BT Basavanthappa     Nursing Education     (In Press)

YK Joshi     Basics of Clinical Nutrition     (In Press)

Onila Salins     Commulative Records for General Nur. & Midwifery Course, 1/e 2000 Rs. 50.00

Peddy     Medical Biochemistry for Nurses     (In Press)

R.L. Bijlani     Physiology for Nurses (In Press)

Molly Sam     Nursing Profession: A Clinical Guide, 1/e Rs. 75.00

T.K. Indrani     Sociology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 50.00

BT Basavanthappa     Nursing Research, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Onila Salins     Nutrition Guide, 1/e Rs. 50.00

Molly Sam     Junior Students Nurses Clinical Diary Rs. 50.00

Molly Sam     Senior Students Nurses Clinical Diary Rs. 75.00

Molly Sam     Mental Health Nursing (In Press)

Molly Sam     A TB of Nutrition for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Bhatia     Microbiology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Gates     Oncology Nursing Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

K.D. Chaudhury     Pharmacology for Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00

U.N. Panda     Medicine for Nurses, 2/e Rs. 100.00

Pearce     Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses, 16/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, 2001 $ 28.50     (New)

Walson     Nurses’ Manual of Laboratory & Diagnosis Tests, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Baldwin     Davis’s Manual of Critical Care Therapeutics, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 175.00

Goldman     Pocket Guide to the Operating Room, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00

Doenges     Application of Nursing Process and Nursing Diagnosis an
interactive Text for Diagnosis Reasoning, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Hogstel     Practical Guide to Health Ass.Through the Lifespan, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Winwood     Sear’s: Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses, 6/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 175.00

Wong     Nursing Care of Infants and Children, 6/e $ 69.00     (New)

Taylor     Fundamentals of Nursing, 4/e 2001 $ 69.95     (New)

Pearce     A General TB of Nursing, 20/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Gupta     Practical Nursing Procedure, 2/e Rs. 100.00

Saxton     Mosby’s Comprehensive Review of Nursing, 6/e, 2000 $ 29.95

Brunner     Medical Surgical Nursing, 9/e, (Or. Price $ 44) $ 37.50     (New)

Marlowe     TB of Pediatric Nursing, 6/e, (Or. Pr. $ 71) Rs. 1200.50

Martin     The Nurses’ Dictionary, 29/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 40.00


Virk     Lecture Notes in Nutrition Rs. 75.00

L.C. Gupta     Food and Nutrition: Facts and Figures, 5/e Rs. 70.00

Kusum     Gupta Food & Nutrition, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 40.00

Suresh Chandra     Poshan & Swastha, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 40.00

T.K. Indrani     Essentials of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diet (2 Vols)     (In Press)

Van Way     Nutrition Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Onila Salins     Nutrition Guide, 1/e Rs. 50.00

R.L. Bijlani     Nutrition: A Practical Approach, 1/e Rs. 50.00

Mahan Krauses     Food, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 10/e $ 70.00

Shanti Ghosh     Nutrition and Child Care: A Practical Guide, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 150.00

Boyle     Personal Nutrition, 4/e, 2001 $ 20.00     (New)

W.H.O.     Nutrition Learning Packages, 1/e Ind. Rs. 70.00

W.H.O.     Guidelines for Training Community Health Workers in Nutri. Rs. 40.00

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Kamal Buckshee     Principal and Practice of Obs. and Gyne. for Postgraduates, 1/e Rs. 395.00

Kamini A Rao     The infertility Manual, 2001 Rs. 500.00     (New)

Kamini A Rao     Current Concepts of Perinatology, 1/e 2001 Rs. 250.00     (New)

DK Datta     Antepartum Haemorrhage (FOGSI) (APH) Rs. 50.00

Parihar     Practical Menopause Management, 2001 Rs. 100.00     (New)

Manju V. Matalya     Manual of Medical Termination of Pregnancy, 1/e Rs. 200.00
Arun Nagrath     A Passage Through Abortion, 1/e, 2001    Rs. 250.00
Krishna     Pregnancy At Risk Current Concepts, 4/e, 2001 Rs. 500.00     (New)

K. Sharma     Practical Course in Obst. and Gyn., 1/e Rs. 150.00

P Desai     Medical Disorders in Pregnancy Rs. 300.00     (New)

GD Mogli     Medical Records Organization and Management Rs. 150.00

Bansal     Midwifery, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 150.00

CP Thresyamma     Midwifery, 1/e, 2001 Rs. 140.00      (New)

Neera Agarwal     Female Breast: Gynaecologist Viewpoint, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Gita Ganguly     Preterm Labor, 1/e Rs. 250.00

N. Malhotra     Handbook of Infertility Management     (In Press)

Vijay Zutshi     Hormones in Obst. and Gyn., 1/e Rs. 100.00

JB Sharma     The Obstetrics Protocol, 1/e Rs. 175.00

A.K. Debdas     Obstetrics Drug Handbook Rs. 150.00

A.K. Debdas     Gynaecology Drug Handbook Rs. 200.00      (New)

A.K. Debdas     Practical Cardiotocography Rs. 150.00

Kamini A Rao     Chorionic Villus Sampling, 1/e Rs. 300.00

Kamini A Rao     A HB of Prenatal Diag. and Reproductive Genetics,1/e Rs. 250.00

N. Malhotra     Ultrasound in Obst. and Gyn., 3/e Rs. 800.00      (New)

Chard     MCQs Basic Sciences for Obst. and Gynae. (2 Vols.) Rs. 350.00

Amit Chakravarty     Prenatal Diag. & Therapy Rs. 250.00

Jassawalla     Reproductive Endocrinology: A Clinical Approach, 2/e, 2001     Rs. 300.00

Jeffcoate    Principle and practice of Gynecology    £ 20.00    (New)

Johnson     Women Health Care Handbook, 1/e Rs. 250.00

Kamini A. Rao     An Introduction to Genetics and Fetal Medicine, 1/e Rs. 300.00

Gita Ganguly     Medico-Legal Aspects in Obst. and Gyn., 1/e Rs. 200.00

Azziz     Practical Manual of Opera. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy Rs. 695.00

S. Dasgupta     Recent Advances in Obst. and Gyn. Vol. 5, 2001 Rs. 250.00

Vol. 4, 1999 Rs. 200.00

Vol. 3, 1997 Rs. 200.00

Vol. 2, 1996 Rs. 175.00

Vol. 1, 1993 Rs. 200.00

Desai     Infertility and Transvaginal Sonography: Current Concepts, 1/e Rs. 900.00

Usha B. Saraiya     Frontiers in Obst. and Gyn., 2/e Rs. 300.00

D.K. Dutta     Post Partum Haemorrhage, 1/e (PPH) Rs. 100.00

Sheila Mehra     Gyne. Endoscopy, 1/e Rs. 200.00

Rajan     Postgraduate Reproductive Endocrinology, 4/e Rs. 500.00

Rajan     Endometriosis and Infertility, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Creasy     Management of Labor and Delivery, 2001 £ 15.00      (New)

Burnett     Clinical Obste. & Gyne. A Problem Based Approach, 2001 $ 15.00      (New)

Helen     Management of the Infertility Woman , 1/e, (Or. Pr. $ 41.50) $ 12.00

Wilson     Common Gynaecological Conditions, 1/e £ 12.00

Tim Chard     Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 5/e Rs. 350      (New)

Tabile     Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2/e, 2000 Rs. 250.00      (New)

Rock     Telinde’s Operative Gynecology, 9/e (Special Price) $ 80.00      (New)

Impe     Obstetrics & Gynaecology £ 7.50

Gordon     Obstetrics & Gynaecology & Infertility Rs. 300.00

Taylor     Clinical Application of Doppler Ultrasound, 2/e $ 173.00

Coustan     Handbk. for Prescribing Medi. during Preg. (Or. Pr. $ 37.50) $ 12.00

Sauerbrei     A Practical Guide to Ultras. in Obst. & Gyn., (Or. Pr. $ 60.75) $ 37.50

Brinsden     Textbook of in Vitro Fertilization & Assisted Reproduction
2/e, 2001 Rs. 2000.00

Rubin     Prescribing in Pregnancy, 3/e, 2001 Rs. 150.00      (New)

Kopans     Breast Imaging, 2/e $ 217.00

Sachdeva     A Guide to Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 4/e Rs. 75.00

R K Sachdeva     Notes on Obstetrics, 5/e Rs. 60.00

RK Sachdeva     Notes on Gynaecology, 4/e Rs. 60.00

L. C. Gupta     Viva in Gynaecology , 2/e Rs. 50.00

L. C. Gupta     Viva in Obstetrics, 2/e Rs. 50.00

S. Haque     Synopsis of Obst. & Gyn. with Homoeopathic Therapeutics, 2/e Rs. 25.00

Krishan     Obstetrics & Gynaecology Mnemonics, 1/e Rs. 15.00

Hofer     Teaching Manual of Color Duplex Sonography, 2001 DM 68.00

Speroff     A Clinical Guide for Contraception, 3/e, 2001 $ 16.00      (New)

Fredrickson     Obstetrics and Gynecology Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

O’Connor     Obst. and Gyn. Care in Physical Therapy, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Dennen’s     Forceps Delivery Rs. 125.00

W.H.O.     Complications of Abortion, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Corson     Surgical Gynecology: Greenhills, 5/e Rs. 400.00

W.H.O.     Safe Motherhood: Detecting Pre-eclampsia: A Practical Guide Rs. 50.00

Bloch     Manual of Practical Gynecological Oncology Rs. 300.00

Sarti     Atlas of Obst. and Gyn. Ultrasound Rs. 400.00

Wagstaff     Case Presentation in Obst. and Gyn. Rs. 75.00

Beedham     Treatment and Prognosis in Obst. and Gyn. Rs. 95.00

Friedman     Gynecological Decision Making Rs. 300.00

Baggish     Clinical Practice of Gynecology Rs. 75.00

Arias     Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery Rs. 400.00

DeCherney     Decision Making in Infertility Rs. 350.00

Benson     Obstetrical Pearls Rs. 40.00

Benson     Gynecology Pearls: A Practical Guide for the Efficient Resident Rs. 100.00

Polden     Physiotherapy in Obst. and Gyn. Rs. 250.00

Rubin     Problems in Obstetric Anaesthesia Rs. 60.00

Powell     Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Obst. and Gyn., 1/e £ 60.00

Gorden     Gynecology Endoscopy, 2/e £ 85.00

Stovall     Atlas of Benign Gynaecologic and Obstetric Surgery, 1/e £ 99.50

Arias     Practical Guide to High-Risk Pregn. Delivery, 2/e (Or. Pr. $ 62) $ 15.00

Nyberg     Transvaginal Ultrasound, (Or. Pr. $ 150) $ 40.00

Ryan    Kistner’s Gynaecology: Principles & Practice, 1/e (Or. Pr. $ 99) $ 36.00

Sakala     Board Review Series: Obst. and Gyn., 2/e, (Or. Pr. $ 26.95) $ 11.00

Chamberlain     Lecture Notes in Obst. and Gyn., (Or. Pr. £ 19.95) £ 4.00

Queenan     Management of High Risk Pregnancy, (Or. Pr. £ 71.50) £ 12.00

Sapsford     Women Health: A TB for Physiotherapists (Or. Pr. £ 31.50) £ 11.00

Oklahoma Series

USMLE Step 1 Behavioral Sciences, 3/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Biochemistry, 2/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Embryology, 2/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Gross Anatomy, 2/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Microbiology and Immunology, 3/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Neuroanatomy, 3/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Pathology, 3/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Pharmacology, 3/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 1 Physiology, 3/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Family Medicine, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 General Surgery, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Internal Medicine, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Obstetrics & Gynecology, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Pediatrics, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Psychiatry, 1/e Rs. 200.00

USMLE Step 2 Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Students Rs. 200.00


Manoj Pandey    Recent Advances in Oncology Rs. 200.00      (New)

Ashok R Mehta     Diagnosis and Management of Cancer, 1/e     (In Press)

Devita     Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, 6/e 2000 $ 199.00      (New)

WHO     Pathology and Genetics: Tumors of the Nervous System Rs. 1680.00

Wood     Hematology/Oncology Secrets, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Bloch     Manual of Practical Gynecological Oncology Rs. 300.00

Gates     Oncology Nursing Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Ress     Cancer in Practice, 1/e, (Special Price) £ 25.00

W.H.O.     Cancer Pain Relief, 1/e Ind. Rs. 25.00

Curz     Lung Cancer: H.B. of Evaluation and Management, 1/e Rs. 160.00

Perez     Principles & Practice of Radiation Oncology, 3/e $ 317.00

Pizzo     Principles & Practice of Pediatric Oncology, 3/e $ 236.00


H.V. Nema     TB of Ophthalmology, 4/e, 2001 Rs. 250.00      (New)

L.C. Dutta     Modern Ophthalmology (2 Vols.), 2/e Rs. 995.00

Renu Jogi     Basic Ophthalmology, 2/e Rs. 137.00

H.V. Nema     Anatomy of the Eye and Its Adnexa, 3/e Rs. 350.00

H.V. Nema     Recent Advances in Ophthalmology Vol. 5, 2000 Rs. 250.0

Vol. 4, 1998 Rs. 250.00

Vol. 3, 1996 Rs. 250.00

Vol. 2, 1994 Rs. 250.00

Vol. 1, 1992 Rs. 225.00

Amar Agarwal     Phacoemulsification, Laser Cataract Surgery & Foldable IOLs,2/e Rs. 3000.00

Amar Agarwal     Refractive Surgery, 1/e Rs. 3000.00

Ashok Garg     TB of Ocular Therapeutics,1/e Rs. 500.00      (New)

Markandey Ahuja     Eye Banking and Keratoplasty, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Tanuj Dada     Handbook of LASIK Surgery Rs. 350.00

Atul Kumar     Lasers in Ophthalmology: A Practical Guide Rs. 350.00

Amar Agarwal     TB of Ophthalmology , 4-Vols.     (In Press)

Henson    Visual Fields    £100         (New)

Birch    Diagnosis of Defective Colour Vision    £ 10.00         (New)

North    Work and the Eye    £ 10.00         (New)

Foss    Essential Ophthalmic Surgery    £ 10.00         (New)

Tewari    Fluorescein Angiography: A Users' Manual, 1/e, 2001    Rs. 950.00

V.K. Dada     Fun with PHACO, 1/e Rs. 350.00

Dada     Secrets of Phacoemulsification, 2001 Rs. 750.00      (New)

Balasubramanian     The Eyelids     (In Press)

VK Dada     Secrets of ECCE and IOL, 3/e, 2001 Rs. 700.00      (New)

Ashok Garg     Current Trends in Ophthalmology, 1/e Rs. 250.00

Renuka Srinivasan     Complications of IOL Implantation, 1/e Rs. 300.00

Shashi Kapoor     Phaco Surgery and Foldable IOLs, 1/e Rs. 1075.00

Agarwal     Short and Long Cases in Ophthalmology, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Keiki R Mehta     The Art of Phacoemulsification, 1/e Rs. 1500.00      (New)

Ryan     Retina, 3/e 2000 $ 499.95      (New)

Rowe     Clinical Orthoptics £ 6.00

Kertes     Clinical Trials in Ophthalmology, 1/e 2000 $ 25.00

Parrish     Atlas of Ophthalmology, 1/e 2000 £ 150.00

Buratto     Cataract Surgery in Complicated Cases $ 145.00

Kaufman     Companion Handbook of the Cornea, 2/e 2000 £ 45.00

Yanoff     Ophthalmology, 1/e, (Or. Pr. £ 189.00) £ 100.00

Anderson     Automated Static Perimetry, 2/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 84.95) $ 30.00

Prieto-Diaz     Strabismus, 4/e 2000 (Or. Pr. £ 110.00) £ 40.00

Vernon     Differential Diagnosis in Ophthalmology, 1/e (Or. Pr. £ 19.95) £ 10.00

H.B. Chawla     Ophthalmology: A Symptom Based Approach, 3/e £ 8.00

Kanski     Ophth.: Clini. Sci. & Differential Diagnosis,1/e (Or. Pr £ 65.00) £ 35.00

BMJ     Basic Science Ophthalmology, 2/e (Or. Pr. £ 35.00) Rs. 350.00      (New)

Collin     Manual of Systematic Eyelid Surgery, 2/e Asian (Or. Pr. £ 45.00) £ 7.00

Bahadur     Manual of Cataract Surgery, 2/e 2000 £ 5.00

Hart     Adlers Physiology of the Eye, Clini. App., 9/e (Or. Pr. $ 115) $ 30.00

Van Heuven     Decision Making Ophthalmology, (Or. Pr. $ 87) $ 20.00

Abrams     Duke-Elder’s: Practice of Refraction, 10/e, (Or. Pr. £ 53) £ 6.00

Chawla     Retinal Detachment, 1/e, (Or. Pr. £ 32.50) £ 7.50

Parson’s     Diseases of the Eye, (Or. Pr. £ 47.50) £ 8.50

Shields     TB of Glaucoma, 4/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 115.00) $ 25.00

Krieglstein     Atlas of Ophthalmology Rs. 1500.00

Fine     Clear Corneal Lens Surgery, 1/e $ 125.00

Gimbel     Lasik Complications: Prevention & Management, 1/e $ 80.00

Jaffe     Cataract Sur. & its Complications, 6/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 160.00) $ 45.00

Rhee     The Wills Eye Manual, 3/e $ 25.00

Buratto     Phacoemulsification: Principles & Techniques, 1/e $ 195.00

Buratto     LASIK: Principles & Techniques, 1/e $ 170.00

Pallikaris     LASIK, 1/e $ 170.00

Gills     Cataract Surgery: The State of the Art, 1/e $ 125.00

N.K. Pattnaik     Laser in Ophthalmology: Principles and Techniques, 1/e Rs. 400.00

Fechner     Ocular Therapeutics: Pharmacology and Clinical Application Rs. 500.00

V.K. Dada     Contact Lenses, 4/e Rs. 300.00

N.C. Singal     Principles and Practice of Refraction Optics, 1/e Rs. 175.00

Ashok Garg     Manual of Ocular Therapeutics, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Aggarwal     Ophthalmology for Undergraduates Students, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Daljit Singh     Cataract and I.O.L. (Text and Colour Atlas) Rs. 1250.00

Himadri Dutta     Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology, 2/e, 2000 Rs. 225.00

E.H. Ahmed     Essentials of Ophthalmology, 1/e Rs. 75.00

K.S. Ratnakar     Pathology of The Eye and Orbit, 1/e Rs. 200.00

V.K. Dada     Intra Ocular Lense and Phacoemulsification Secrets, 2/e Rs. 300.00

Azad     Vitrectomy for Beginners Rs. 200.00

Azad     A Practical Manual of Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Rs. 175.00

M.R. Jain     TB of Glaucoma Rs. 250.00

M.R. Jain     Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Inflammation Rs. 150.00

Frederick     Ocular Differential Diagnosis Rs. 200.00

Keiki R. Mehta     Radial Keratotomy Principle & Practice Rs. 200.00

Azad     Current Concepts in Ophthalmic Lasers Rs. 100.00

Vander     Ophthalmology Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Hollwich     Pocket Atlas of Ophthalmology, (Special Price) Rs. 400.00

Hollwich     Ophthalmology: A Short Textbook, (Special Price) Rs. 400.00

Lyle     Keith-Lyle: Practical Orthopatics in Treatment of Squint Rs. 450.00

Kanski     Synopsis of Ophthalmology Rs. 75.00

Davies     Action and Uses of Ophthalmic Drugs Rs. 250.00

Phillips     Contact Lenses: A TB for Practitioner and Student Rs. 1000.00

Fine     Phacoemulsification: New Technology & Clinical Application Rs. 850.00

Gayton     Maximizing Results: Strategies in Refractive, Corneal, Cataract
and Glaucoma Surgery, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 750.00

Schuman     Imaging in Glaucoma, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 850.00

Hunter     Last Minute Optics: A Concise Review of Optics,
Refraction and Contact Lenses, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Koch     Personalizing RK, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Stein     Contact Lenses Fundamentals and Clinical Use, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Gills     Corneal Topography: The State of the Art, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 1500.00

Koch     Mastering Phacoemulsification , 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 800.00

Rozakis     Refractive Lamellar Keratoplasty, 1/e Ind. Rs. 750.00

Stein     The Excimer: Fundamentals & Clinical Use, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 750.00

Lieberman     Computerized Perimetry: A Simplified Guide, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 500.00

Corboy     The Retinoscopy Book, 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Paul S. Koch     TB of Advanced Phacoemulsification Techniques, 1/e Ind. Rs. 550.00

Paul S. Koch     Converting to Phacoemulsification, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 500.00

Yalon     Tech. of Phacoem. Surg. & Intraocular Lens Implantation, 1/e Rs. 750.00

Apple     Foldable Intraocular Lenses $ 130.00

Buratto     Cataract Surgery in Complicated Cases, 1/e 2000 $ 145.00

Seibel     Phacodynamics Mast. the Tools & Tech. of Phaco. Surgery, 2/e Rs. 850.00

Gills     Ophthalmic Anesthesia Rs. 500.00

Thornton     Radial and Astigmatic Keratotomy Rs. 500.00

Rozakis     Cataract Surgery: Alternative Small-Incision Techniques Rs. 350.00

Percival     A Colour Atlas of Lens Implantation (IOL)(Or. Pr. Rs.5000) Rs. 3500.00

Kanski     Case Presentations in Medical Ophthalmology Rs. 150.00

Kanski     Ophthalmology: What shall I do? Rs. 75.00

Alpar     Intraocular Lenses Rs. 600.00

Smith     Intraocular Lens Complications and Their Management Rs. 350.00

N.K. Ragge     Immediate Eye Care £ 23.50

Nordan     The Surgery Rehabilitation of Vision £ 83.95

David J. Spalton     Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology £ 115.00

Krupin     Atlas of Complications in Ophthalmic Surgery £ 150.00

Kanski     Retinal Detachment Rs. 600.00

Amresh Chopdar     Manual of Fundus Flurescein Angiography Rs. 600.00

Hart     Adler’s: Physiology of the Eye (Clinical Applications) Rs. 450.00

Jaffe     Cataract Surgery and its Complications Rs. 350.00

Shammas     Atlas of Ophthalmic Ultrasonography and Biometry Rs. 700.00

Steven     Podos TB of Ophthalmology, 10 Volumes Set £ 650.00

Miller     Vol. 1 Optics and Refraction: A User Friendly TB £ 57.00

Roaetal     Vol. 2 The Uvea £ 51.50

Jaffe     Vol. 3 Lens and Cataract £ 72.50

Tenzel     Vol. 4 Orbit and Oculoplastics £ 72.50

Diamond     Vol. 5 Strabismus and Paediatric Ophthalmology £ 67.50

Slamovitz     Vol. 6 Neuro-Ophthalmology £ 67.50

Kaufman     Vol. 7 Glaucoma £ 102.50

Gdelhauser     Vol. 8 External Diseases: Eyelids, Conjunctiva, Cornea, clera, Lacrimal Gland £ 62.50

Federman     Vol. 9 Retina and Vitreous £ 51.50

Kamenetzsky     Vol. 10 Fundamentals of Ophthalmic Practice £ 62.50

Deutsch     Ophthalmic Clinical Debates Rs. 200.00

Caloroso     Clinical Management of Strabismus £ 60.00

Arrowsmith     Radial Keratotomy Rs. 150.00

Sanders     Radial Keratotomy: Surgical Technique Rs. 300.00

Sanders     Refractive Corneal Surgery Rs. 650.00

Dodson     Clinical Retinopathies £ 50.00

March     Ophthalmic Lasers Rs. 450.00

Spaeth     Current Therapy in Ophthalmic Surgery Rs. 500.00

Sherwood     Complications of Glaucoma Therapy Rs. 400.00

Cinotti     Handbook of Ophthalmic Emergencies Rs. 100.00

Huber     Clinical Test in Ophthalmology Rs. 550.00

Duke Elder     System of Ophthalmology: Diseases of the Retina Rs. 850.00

Watts     Clinical Ophthalmology (A self assessment guide) Rs. 75.00

Bajandas     Neuro-Ophthalmology Review Manual, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

                                                      New Orleans Transaction of Symposium on Oculoplastic Surgery
                                                      Acad. of Ophth. Strabismus & Pediatric Ophthalmology Rs. 200.00 Kanski     The Eye in Systemic Disease £ 10.00

Williams     Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting Rs. 200.00

Nemeth     Medical Sciences for the Ophthalmic Assistant Rs. 200.00

Hansen     Ocular Motility Rs. 200.00

Rakow     Contact Lenses Rs. 200.00

Garber     Visual Field Examination Rs. 200.00

Herrin     Ophthalmic Examination and Basic Skills Rs. 200.00

Coppinger     Ophthalmic Photography Rs. 200.00

Appleton     Clinical Optics Rs. 200.00

Kendall     Ophthalmic Echography Rs. 200.00

McKinney     Advanced Ophthalmic Diagnostic and Therapeutics Rs. 200.00

Kosttee     The Complete Contact Lenses Fitting Guide & Directory Rs. 150.00

R. Malhotra     Self Assess.: Revision in Sciences Basic to Ophth., 1/e Rs. 150.00

W.H.O.     Management of Cataract in Primary Health Care Services Rs. 35.00

Mazzocco     Soft Implant Lenses in Cataract Surgery Rs. 200.00


G.S. Kulkarni     TB of Ortho. & Trauma (4 Vols.), 1/e Rs. 5000.00

S. Pandey     Clinical Orthopaedic Diagnosis, 2/e Rs. 350.00

D.D. Tanna     Interlocking Nailing, 1/e Rs. 500.00

S.M. Tuli     Tuberculosis of the Skeletal System, 2/e Rs. 450.00

John Ebnezer     TB of Orthopaedics, 2/e Rs. 300.00

Sunder     Lecture Notes on Rehabilitation Medicine, 1/e Rs. 125.00

S.K. Kochar     Principles and Practice of Trauma Care, 1/e Rs. 200.00

Surya Bhan     Recent Advances in Orthopaedics (Vol.1) Rs. 225.00

G.S. Kulkarni     Recent Advances in Orthopaedics (Vol.2) Rs. 450.00

G.S. Kulkarni     Recent Advances in Orthopaedics (Vol.3)     (In Press)

S. Dutta Ray     Yogic Exercises, 1/e Rs. 75.00

U.N. Panda     PAIN: Clinical Aspects and Management, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Hislop     Daniels Muscle Testing $ 14.00

Apley's     System of Orthopaedics and Fracture, 8/e, 2001 £ 20.00     (New)

Hoppenfeld     Orthopaedic Neurology $ 15.00     (New)

Chapman     Orthopeadic Surgery 4 Vols., With CDs $ 425.00     (New)

Cole     The Low Back Pain Handbook, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Kisner     Therapeutic Exercise: Foundation and Techniques, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

May     Amputations & Prosthetics: A Case Study Approach, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Lippert     Clinical Kinesiology for Physical Therapist Assistants Rs. 300.00

Brunnstrom     Clinical Kinesiology, 5/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Greenspan     Orthopedic Radiology, 3/e $ 250.00

Texhammar     AO/ASIF Instruments & Implants, 1/e Asian (Or. Pr. DM 148.00) DM 90.00

Mueller     Manual of Internal Fixation, 1/e Asian (Or. Pr. DM 398.00) DM 98.00

Silver     Rheumatology Pearls, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Golyakhovsky     Operative Manual of Illizarov Techniques Rs. 450.00

Krol     Rehabilitation Surgery for Deformities Due to Poliomyelitis Rs. 100.00

Zukerman     Hip Fractures: A Practical Guide to Management DM 150.00

G.A. Ilizarov     Transosseous Osteosynthesis DM 250.00

Joseph Schatzker     The Rationale of Operative Fracture Care, 2/e DM 200.00

R. Orozco     Atlas of Internal Fixation: Fractures of Long Bones DM 250.00

Hoppenfeld     Treatment & Rehabilitation of Fracture, 1/e 2000 $ 30.00

Hoppenfeld     Surgical Exposures in Ortho.: The Anatomic Approach, 2/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 194.50) $ 60.00

Rockwood     Fractures in Adults, 4/e, (Or. Pr.$ 340.00) $ 250.00

Rockwood     Fractures in Children, 4/e, (Or. Pr.$ 190.00) $ 130.00

Weinstein     Turek’s Orthopaedic, 5/e, (Or. Pr.$ 155.50) $ 60.00

Turek’s     Orthopedics (2 vols), 4/e $ 55.00

Walsh     Physical Signs in Orthopaedics, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 175.00

Colton     Atlas of Orthopaedic Surgical Approaches, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Urist     Bone Grafts, Derivatives and Substitutes, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 1500.00

Harklens     Foot and Ankle Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Brown     Orthopedic Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Placzek     Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Secrets Rs. 400.00     (New)

Magione     Physical Diagnosis Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Staheli     Pediatric Orthopaedic Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

O’Young     Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Apley     Concise System of Orthopaedics and Fracture, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00

Lavy     Que & Ans. on Apley’s Concise System of Orthopaedics Rs. 50.00

Connolly     Fracture Complications Rs. 600.00

P.A. Downie     Cash’s TB of Ortho. & Rheumatology for Physiotherapy Rs. 250.00

Scole     Pediatric Orthopedics in Clinical Practice Rs. 350.00

Mills     A Colour Atlas of Plastering Techniques Rs. 500.00

Kessel     A Colour Atlas of Clinical Orthopaedics Rs. 600.00

Bucholz     Orthopedic Decision Making Rs. 400.00

Mckee     Orthotics in Rehabilitation Splinting the Hand and Body, (Or. Pr.$ 24.95) Rs. 250.00

Duckworth     Lecture Notes on Orthopaedic and Fractures, (Or. Pr. £ 15.95) £ 8.00

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