CATALOGUE - 2001 Contents

A.C. Agarwal    Introduction to Acupuncture, 1/e Rs. 75.00

Raman Kapur    Soft Lasers in Medical Practice, 1/e Rs. 250.00


I.B. Singh    Essentials of Anatomy, 1/e Rs. 500.00    (New)

I.B. Singh    TB of Anatomy with colour atlas (3 Vols), 2/e

Vol. 1 Rs. 300.00

Vol. 2 Rs. 250.00

Vol. 3 Rs. 250.00

I.B. Singh    TB of Human Neuroanatomy, 5/e Rs. 175.00

I.B. Singh    TB of Human Histology with Colour Atlas, 3/e Rs. 225.00

I.B. Singh    A TB of Human Osteology, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Stevens    Human Histology, 2/e £ 26.95

Gandotra    Gross Anatomy work book, 1/e Rs. 100.00

A. Yadav    Viva in Anatomy (2 Vols.) 4/e Rs. 100.00

Y. Jaya    Viva in Anatomy Made Easy, 1/e Rs. 70.00

Ajmani    Embalming: Principles and Legal Aspects, 1/e Rs. 105.00

P.K. Dhar    Human Genetics, 1/e Rs. 100.00

B.K. Tandon    Essentials of Human Anatomy, 1/e Rs. 175.00

(Mrs) V. Kapur    Essentials of Surface & Radiological Anatomy, 2/e Rs. 50.00

K.K. Jain    General Anatomy for Students, 2/e Rs. 40.00

(Mrs) V. Kapur    Basic Human Genetics, 2/e Rs. 40.00

Virender Nayyar    Tell Me About Me: The Living Machine - Basic Human Anatomy Rs. 65.00

N.D. Khurana    Handbook of Human Muscles (Tabulated Form), 4/e Rs. 30.00

Ramachandran    Selected Quiz Anatomy, 1/e Rs. 15.00

Krishan    Anatomy Mnemonics, 2/e Rs. 15.00

Skandalakis    Surgical Anatomy and Technique, 2/e Rs. 550.00

Hislop    Daniels Muscle Testing $ 14.00

Glasby    Applied Surgical Anatomy, 1/e Asian (Or. Pr. £ 49.50) £ 9.00

Jack Joseph    Aids to Anatomy, 13/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 40.00

Kiernan    Barr’s: The Human Nervous System, 7/e, (Or. Pr $ 36.50) $ 15.50

Netter    Atlas of Human Anatomy (Colour), 2/e $ 64.95

Weir    An Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy, 2/e, (Or. Pr. $ 37.95) $ 20.00

McMinn    Colour Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5/e £ 16.00

Pearce    Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses, 16/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Feneis    Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy Rs. 350.00

Jack Joseph    Human Osteology (Formerly Aids to Osteology), 7/e Rs. 30.00

McMinn    Human Skeleton (Coloured), 1/e $ 41.95

Gilman    Essentials of Clinical Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology, 8/e Rs. 125.00

Stern    Essentials of Gross Anatomy (Clinical Anatomy), 1/e Rs. 200.00


T.K. Dutta    Fundamentals of Operation Theatre Service, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Soma Kaushik    Anaesthesia: Concepts and Management, 1/e Rs. 150.00

V. M. Divekar    Anaesthesia and Resus. for Medical Students and Practitioners, 2/e Rs. 100.00

U.N. Panda    PAIN: Clinical Aspects and Management, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Moyel    Ward's Anaesthesia Equipment, 4/e £ 12.00

Duke    Anesthesia Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00    (New)

Malamed    Handbook of Local Anaesthesia, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00

Power    Case Presentation in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Prys-Roberts    International Pract. of Anaes.(2v.), (Or. Pr. £ 195.00) Sp.Pr. £ 65.00

W.H.O.    Anaesthesia at the District Hospital, 2/e Ind Rs. 75.00

Stoelting    Pharmacology & Physiology in Anesthetic Practice, 3/e $ 115.00     (New)

Vickers    Drugs in Anaest.& Intensive Care Pract., (Or. Pr. £ 55.00) £ 12.00


M.N. Chatterjea    TB of Medical Biochemistry, 4/e Rs. 400.00

D.M.Vasudevan TB of Biochemistry for Medical Students, 3/e + Pocket Comp. Rs. 350.00    (New)

D.M.Vasudevan    Companion to the TB of Bioch. for Medical Students (MCQs) Rs. 100.00

V.K. Malhotra    Biochemistry for Students, 10/e Rs. 100.00

M.N. Chatterjea    Clinical Chemistry, 1/e Rs. 200.00

Ranjna Chawla    Practical Clinical Biochemistry:Methods and Interpretations, 2/e Rs. 125.00

A.R.Arora    Essentials of Medical Biochemistry    (In Press)

V.K. Malhotra    Practical Bio-chemistry for Students Rs. 40.00

Giriraj Kulkarni    Biotechnology and its Applications in Pharmacy (In Press)

M.N. Chatterjea    Viva in Biochemistry, 1/e Rs. 100.00

V.K. Malhotra    Viva in Bio-Chemistry, 6/e Rs. 50.00

M.C. Pant    Self Assessment in Biochemistry Rs. 75.00

Praveen Prakash    An Introduction to Medical Biophysics, 1/e Rs. 125.00

Marshall Clinical Chemistry, 4/e £ 15.00     (New)

Board Review Series

Chung    BRS Gross Anatomy $ 11.00

Stead    BRS Emergency Medicine $ 12.00

Crabtree    BRS General Surgery $ 11.00

Shaner    BRS Psychiatry $ 11.00

Sakala    BRS Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2/e 2000 $ 11.00

Fadem    BRS Behaviour Sciences $ 11.00

Cardiology and ECG

Tapas Kr. Koley    Bedside Interpretation of ECG (in colour), 1/e Rs. 125.00

NK Gami    Bedside Approach to Clinical Electrocardiography     (In Press)

Atul Luthra    ECG Made Easy, 1/e Rs. 75.00

Gundu Rao    Coronary Artery Disease in South Asians Rs. 450.00

K.P. Misra    Joy of ECG, 1/e Rs. 250.00

K.P. Misra    A Primer of ECG: A Simple and Deductive Approach, 1/e Rs. 250.00

Atul Luthra    Essentials of Applied Electrocardiography, 1/e Rs. 125.00

A.K. Debdas    Practical Cardiotocography, 1/e Rs. 150.00

K.R. Sathuraman    Practical Echocardiography, 1/e Rs. 250.00

K.C. Verma    Diagnostic Cardiology, 1/e Rs. 150.00

L.C. Gupta    An Introduction to E.C.G., 1/e Rs. 40.00

Peeyush Jain    Cardiology Drug Directory, 1/e Rs. 45.00

Wiegers    Echocardiography in Practice, 1/e 2001 £ 99.50     (New)

Braunwald    Heart Disease, 6/e, 2001 Rs. 5995.00     (New)

Opie    Drugs for the Heart, 5/e,     Rs. 250.00        (New)

Khan    Cardiac Drug Therapy, 5/e £ 5.00

Chung    ECG Diagnosis £ 7.00

Soltoski Cardiac Surgery Secrets, 2001 Rs. 300.00     (New)

Perloff    Physical Examinations of the Heart and Circulation, 3/e    Rs. 295.00

Perloff    Clinical Recognition of Congenital Heart Disease $ 45.00

Feigenbaum    Echocardiography, 5/e, (Or. Pr. $ 95) $ 65.00

Hurst    Cardiac Puzzels, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Dunn    Lipman-Massie : Clinical Electrocardiography, 8/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 450.00

Lipman    ECG Ass.and Interpretation, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Seelig    Simplified EKG Analysis, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Adair    Cardiology Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Carabello    Cardiology Pearls, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Goldberg    Clinical Electrocardiography : A Simplified Approach(Or.Pr.$39.95) Rs. 295.00

Kern    The Cardiac Catherisation Handbook, 3/e    Rs. 395.00

Perloff    Clinical Recognition of Congenital Heart Disease, 3/e,1/e Ind. Rs. 595.00

Brown    Mastering Dysrhythmias: A Problem Solving Guide, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Conover    Understanding Electrocardiography:Arrhythmias & the 12 Lead ECG, 5/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Nadas    Pediatric Cardiology, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 550.00

Park    How to Read Pediatric ECGs, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00

Warren    Diagnostic Procedures in Cardiology, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00

Lipman    ECG Pocket Guide, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Mackintosh    Case Presentation in Heart Disease, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Jules    Constant Bedside Cardiology, 5/e $ 15.00

John     F. Stapleton Ess. of Clinical Cardiology Rs. 150.00

Vliesstra    P.T.C.A (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) Rs. 300.00

Ellestad    Stress Testing, 4/e, 2/e Ind. Rs. 500.00

W.C. Robert    Adult Congenital Heart Disease Rs. 550.00

Paul Forgace    Lung Sounds Rs. 100.00

Park    Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners, (Or. Pr. $ 69.95) $ 16.00

Neville Conway    An Atlas of Cardiology Rs. 650.00

Dental and MCQs Book

Parameswaran    A Review of Dental Caries: A Dynamic Phenomenon     (In Press)

U. N. Panda    Jaypee's Dental Dictionary, 1/e Rs. 125.00

I.B. Singh    Anatomy for Dental Students, 1/e Rs. 200.00

Manappallil    Basic Dental Materials, 1/e Rs. 150.00

P.K. Dayal    TB of Oral Medicine, 1/e Rs. 150.00

R. Chandramouli    TB of Physiology for Dental Students, 4/e Rs. 250.00

Chatterjea    TB of Biochemistry for Dental/Nursing/Pharmacy Students, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Jyoti Yadav    TB of Physiology for Dental Students, 1/e Rs. 125.00

Alagappan    Medicine for Dental Students, 1/e Rs. 275.00     (New)

Harsh Mohan    Essentials of Pathology for Dental Students, 1/e Rs. 175.00

Bhatia    Microbiology for Dental Students, 2/e Rs. 150.00

Ashish Kakar    Oral Implantology Rs. 900.00

Atul Soin    MAHE: Dental Examination Review     (In Press)

Atul Soin    AIIMS Dental Entrance Examination Review Rs. 125.00

Atul Soin    PGI Dental Entrance Examination Review     (In Press)

Atul Soin    All India Dental PG Entrance Examination Review, 1/e Rs. 125.00

Atul Soin    States Dental Entrance Examination Review     (In Press)

Atul Soin    Dental Examinations Review: Clinical Sciences, 2/e Rs. 175.00

Sanjeevraj Bhatia    Dentogist: MCQs in Dentistry
                             (2 Vols.)(Basic Sciences Vol.1), 2/e Rs. 180.00
                             (Clinical Sciences Vol. 2) Rs. 295.00

Nusrath Warsi    MCQs in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 1/e Rs. 80.00

Pramod John    R Essentials of Oral Medicine, 1/e Rs. 125.00

Satish Chandra    TB of Preventive Dentistry, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Satish Chandra    TB of Community Dentistry (With MCQs) Rs. 250.00

S.K. Purkait    Essentials of Oral Pathology, 1/e Rs. 100.00

Pramod John R    Essentials of Dental Radiology, 1/e Rs. 200.00

Roger J. Smales    Porcelain Laminate Veneers for Dentists and Technicians, 1/e Rs. 500.00

Pramod John R    Handbook of Dental Hygiene and Oral Diseases     (In Press)

Satish Chandra    A TB of Dental Materials with Multiple Choice Questions, 1/e Rs. 250.00

Satish Chandra    TB of Dental Materials (Biomaterial)     (In Press)

Satish Chandra TB of Endodontics Rs. 250.00     (New)

Sathyanarayan R    Troubleshoot in Endodontics:A Guide for General Dental Practiti. Rs. 250.00

M Rahmatulla    Management of Dental Caries Through the Atraumatic
Restorative Treatment (ART) Approach Rs. 200.00     (New)

P.K. Dayal    Dentomaxillofacial Radiology, 1/e Rs. 125.00

K. Jagannathan    Art, Science & Crafts of Endodontics     (In Press)

W.H.O.    ICD-DA: Appli. of the Int. Classi. of Dise. to Dent. and Stoma. Rs. 100.00

Varghese Mani    Orthognatic Surgery: Esthetic Surgery of the Face, 1/e Rs. 350.00

F..S. Mehta    Tobacco-related Oral Mucosal Lesions and Conditions, 1/e Rs. 60.00

Moore    Principles of Oral Surgery, 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Junier    Emergencies in Dent. Pract.: Diag. & Management, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 60.00

Abubaker Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Secrets, 2001 Rs. 400.00     (New)

Sonis    Dental Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Kruger    Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 6/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 450.00

Malamed    Handbook of Local Anaes., 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 200.00

Ten Cate    Oral Histology Development, Structure & Function, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Graber    Orthodontics Current Principles and Techniques, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 500.00

Craig    Dental Materials (Properties & Manipulation), 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Pawlack    Essentials of Periodontics, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 125.00

Nabers    Periodontic Therapy, 1/e Ind. Rs. 500.00

Besner    Practical Endodontics, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Zambito    Manual of Dental Therapeutics, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00

Anusavice    Phillip’s Science of Dental Materials, 10/e, (Or. Pr. $ 28.95) $ 15.00

Ash    Wheeler’s Dental Anatomy , 7/e, (Or. Pr. $ 27) $ 12.00

Baum    TB of Operative Dentistry $ 18.00

Berkovitz    A Colour Atlas & TB of Oral Anat., Histology & Embryology, 2/e £ 40.00

Berkovitz    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Oral Anat., Histology & Embryology,1/e £ 16.95

Bhaskar    Orban’s Oral Histology & Embryology, 11/e (Or. Pr. $ 61.95) Rs. 650.00

Bradley    Essentials of Oral Physiology, 2/e, (Or. Pr. $ 38) $ 6.00

Burket    Oral Medicine, (Or. Pr. $ 62.50) $ 27.00

Carranza    Clinical Periodontology , 8/e, (Or. Pr. $ 44) $ 20.00

Cohen    Pathways of the Pulp, 8/e, (Or. Pr. $ 89) Rs. 1750.00

Haring    Dental Radiography: Principles and Techniques, 2/e    Rs. 695.00

Craig    Dental Materials: Properties & Manipulation, 6/e (Or. Pr. $ 34) $ 9.00

Craig    Restorative Dental Materials, 10/e, (Or. Pr.$ 60) $ 20.00

Eversole    Oral Medicine $ 6.50

Foster    TB of Orthodontics, 3/e, (Or. Pr. £ 42.50) £ 6.00

Gladwin    Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials, 2000 $ 15.00     (New)

Glenwright    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Periodontology Dentistry, 1/e $ 29.95

Gluck Jong’s    Community Dental Health, 4/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 41.00) $ 8.00

Glyn Jones    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Operative Dentistry, 1/e $ 29.95

Goaz    Oral Radiology: Prin.& Interpretation, 3/e, (Or. Pr. $ 72) $ 28.00

Grundy    A Colour Atlas of Clini. Opera. Dentistry Crowns & Bridges, 2/e $ 75.95

MacCabe    Applied Dental Materials, 8/e, (Or. Pr. £ 26.95) £ 4.00

Malamed    Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 4/e, (Or. Pr. $ 47.95) Rs. 750.00

Malamed    Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, 4/e, (Or. Pr. $ 52) $ 15.00

McDonald    Dentistry for Child & Adolescent, 7/e, (Or. Pr. $ 68) Rs. 1095.00

McGiveney    McCracken’s Removable Partial Prosthodontics, 10/e (Or. Pr. $ 77) Rs. 695.00

Milner    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Pediatrics Medicine, 1/e $ 23.95

Peterson    Contemporary Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 2/e (Or. Pr. $ 69) $ 35.00

Pinkham Pediatric Dentistry, 3/e, 1999 $ 16.00     (New)

Profit    Contemporary Orthodontics , 2/e, (Or. Pr. $ 81) $ 35.00

Rosenstiel    Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics, 2/e, (Or. Pr. $ 72) $ 25.00

Rout    Self-Ass. Picture Tests: Oral Radiology, 1/e $ 29.95

Shafer    A TB of Oral Pathology, 4/e, (Or. Pr. $ 73) $ 22.00

Shaw    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Pediatric Dentistry, 1/e $ 29.95

Sonis    Principle and Practice of Oral Medicine $ 18.00

Strudevant    Art & Science of Operative Dentistry, 4/e, (Or. Pr. $ 82) $ 37.00

TenCate    Oral Histology, 5/e, (Original Price $ 67.00) Rs. 1250.00
Bishara    Textbook of Orthodontics    Rs. 595.00

Walker    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Endodontics, 1/e $ 29.95

Weine    Endodontic Therapy, 5/e, (Or. Pr. $ 83) $ 21.00

White    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in or: Dental Technology, 1/e $ 29.95

Winstanley    Self-Ass. Picture Tests in Prosthodontics, 1/e $ 29.95

Woelfel    Dental Anatomy: Its Relevance to Dentistry, 5/e (Or. Pr. $ 42.95) $ 14.00

Wood    Differential Diag. of Oral & Maxillofacial Lesions, 5/e (Or. Pr. $ 78) $ 37.50

Zarb    Boucher’s Prosthodontic Treatment, 11/e, (Or. Pr. $ 76) $ 22.00

Zwemer    Mosby’s Dental Dictionary, 4/e Asian, (Or. Pr. $ 39.95) $ 7.00


J.S. Pasricha    Illustrated TB of Dermatology, 2/e Rs. 475.00

V.N. Sehgal    TB of Clinical Dermatology, 3/e Rs. 350.00     (New)

Sanjeev Jain    Fun with Dermatology, 1/e Rs. 150.00

V.N. Sehgal    Clinical Leprosy, 3/e Rs. 125.00

V.N. Sehgal    Venereal Diseases, 3/e Rs. 125.00

V. N. Sehgal    Histoid Leprosy, 2/e Rs. 75.00

V.N. Sehgal    Dermatology Drug Directory, 1/e Rs. 20.00

V.N. Sehgal    Donovanosis, 1/e Rs. 30.00

Fitzpatrick    Dermatology Secrets, 2/e, 1/e Ind. (in full colour) Rs. 750.00

Andrew's    Disease of the Skin, 9/e $ 95.00

Braun-Falco    Dermatology, 2/e DM 298.00

Steigleder    Pocket Atlas of Dermatology, 2/e (Special Price) Rs. 795.00

W.H.O.    A Guide to Leprosy Control, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 40.00

Jackson    Colour Atlas of Allergic Skin Disorders, 1/e Rs. 1700.00

Marks    Roxburg’s: Common Skin Diseases, 16/e £ 8.75

Noble    Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 150.00


U. N. Panda    Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary, 1/e Rs. 80.00

U. N. Panda    Jaypee’s Nurses’ Dictionary, 1/e Rs. 85.00

U. N. Panda    Jaypee's Dental Dictionary, 1/e Rs. 125.00

Stedman    Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, 27/e $ 40.00

Taber’s    Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (full color), 18/e Rs. 500.00

Dorland    Dorland Dictionary, 29/e 2000 $ 42.95

Dorland    Dorland’s Pocket Medical Dictionary, 26/e, 2001 Rs. 260.00     (New)

Forsythe    Medical Dictionary, 4/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 35.00

Martin    The Nurses’ Dictionary, 29/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 40.00

Boden    Black’s Veterinary Dictionary, 19/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 300.00

Havard    Black’s Medical Dictionary, 37/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 250.00

Zwemer    Mosby’s Dental Dictionary, 4/e Asian (Or. Pr. $ 39.95) $ 7.00

Anderson    Mosby’s Medical & Allied Health Dictionary, 5/e $ 32.95

Anderson    Mosby’s Medical & Allied Health Dictionary, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 275.00

Anderson    Mosby’s Pocket Dictionary of Medical and Allied Health,1/e Rs. 100.00

V. Rikh    Pocket Medical English Hindi Dictionary, 14/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 75.00

Jacobs    Quick Ref. Dictionary for Occupational Therapy, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Ear, Nose and Throat

SK Kaluskar Complications in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, 1/e 2001     (In Press)     (New)

Mohd. Maqbool    Textbook of Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases, 9/e Rs. 200.00

Jafek    ENT Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Naumann    Differential Diagnosis in Otorhinolaryngology Rs. 300.00

Hiranandani    Infections of the Middle Ear Cavity & Tympanomastoid Surg. Rs. 100.00

Kleinsasser    Microlaryngoscopy and Endolaryngeal Microsurgery, 3/e Rs. 750.00

R.S. Seth    Lecture Notes on Ear, Nose and Throat, 7/e Rs. 45.00

Mohd. Maqbool    Syndromes in E.N.T. Rs. 30.00

Bailey    Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery (2 Vols), 2/e $ 373.50

Bull    Colour Atlas of E.N.T. Diagnosis, 3/e $ 34.95

MacKenzie    Case Presentation in Otolaryngology Rs. 75.00

Forensic Medicine

Nageshkr. G. Rao    TB of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, 1/e Rs. 300.00

D. Govindiah    Colour Atlas of Forensic Medicine (Subsidized by NBT), 1/e Rs. 269.00

Ajmani    Embalming: Principles and Legal Aspects , 1/e Rs. 105.00

S.C. Mestri    Manual of Foren. Medi. for Doctors, Police Officers, Lawyers & Nurses, 1/e Rs. 100.00

V.V. Pillay    Modern Medical Toxicology, 2/e Rs. 175.00     (New)

BP Dubey    Short Type Ques. with Ans. in Forensic Medicine Rs. 100.00     (New)

P.V. Chadha    Handbook of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 6/e Rs. 60.00

J.P. Saxena    Viva in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 3/e Rs. 80.00

L.C. Gupta    Viva in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, 4/e Rs. 50.00

Cotton    The Hospital Autopsy Rs. 250.00

Hazelwood    Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation Rs. 200.00


Kaushik    Operative Procedures in Surgical Gastroenterology, 2001 Rs. 300.00     (New)

Manorma Berry    Diagnostic Radiology: Hepatobiliary & GI Imaging Rs. 500.00

Rakesh Tandon    Advances in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 1/e, 2001 Rs.2000.00     (New)

Gangal    Percutaneous Endoscopy, 2001 Rs. 750.00     (New)

Sleisenger    Gastrointestinal and liver Diseases, 6/e $ 210.00

Sleisenger    Gastrointestinal and liver Diseases: Review & Assessment $ 15.00

McNally    GI/Liver Secrets, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 400.00

Jennette    Heptinstall’s Pathology of the Kidney (2 Vols), 5/e $ 373.50

Carol    The Sages Manual, Fundamentals of Laparo.& GI Endoscopy DM 18.00

V. Balakrishnan    Common Problems in Gastroenterology, 1/e Rs. 65.00

Smith    Practical Pediatric Gastroenterology, 2/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 450.00

Joseph    A Practical Approach to Pediatric Gastroenterology Rs. 95.00

Rhodes    Clinical Problems in Gastroenterology, 1/e £ 29.95

Morris    Illustrated Case Histories in Gastroenterology, 1/e Rs. 595.00

Yamada    TB of Gastroenterology (2 Vols.), 2/e $ 269.00

Schiff    Schiff’s Diseases of the Liver, 8/e $ 270.00

General Books

GD Mogli    Medical Records Organization and Management Rs. 150.00

L.C. Gupta    Manual of First Aid: Manag. of General Injuries,
Sports Injuries & Common Ailments, 5/e Rs. 85.00

Manoj Vimal    Tips for You (MBBS Students), 1/e, 2001    Rs. 100.00         (New)

L.C.Gupta    Manula of  First Aid, 1/e, 2001 (Hindi) Rs. 125.00

J.V.N. Jaiswal    Consumer Protection Act and The Medical Practitioners, 1/e Rs. 150.00

R.K. Chaube    Consumer Protection and The Medical Profession Rs. 250.00

R. Ramaraj     Urs Networking Organization of Health Science Libraries Rs. 200.00

R. Bhatia    Rabies the Killer Disease, 1/e Rs. 60.00

S. Dutta Ray    Yogic Exercise, 1/e Rs. 75.00

V. Moss    Health Manual A Self Help Guide, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

W.H.O.    Education for Health, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 80.00

U.N. Panda    Handbook for Medical Representatives, 1/e Rs. 75.00

L.C. Gupta    Out Line of Sports Medicine, 2/e Rs. 150.00

C.M. Francis    Medical Ethics, 1/e Rs. 60.00

Virender Nayyar    Tell Me About Me: The Living Machine-Basic Human Anat., 1/e Rs. 65.00

R.N. Srivastava    Handbook of Sexual Medicine, 1/e Rs. 150.00

L.C. Gupta    Addiction, 1/e Rs. 30.00

Meador    A Little Book of Doctors’ Rules, 1/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

Greenberg    The Birth of a Father, 1/e Ind. Rs. 50.00

High-yeild Series

High-yeild Obstetric and Gynaecolog    $ 6.00

High-yeild Behavioral Sciences $ 6.00

High-yeild Biochemistry $ 6.00

High-yeild Biostatistics $ 6.00

High-yeild Cell & Molecular Biology $ 6.00

High-yeild Embryology $ 6.00

High-yeild Gross Anatomy $ 6.00

High-yeild Histology $ 6.00

High-yeild Internal Medicine $ 6.00

High-Yeild Microbiology $ 6.00

High-yeild Neuro-Anatomy $ 6.00

High-yeild Psychiatry $ 6.00

High-yeild Pharmacology $ 6.00

High-yeild Surgery $ 6.00

High-Yeild Immunology $ 6.00

Yeh    Crashing the Boards, 2/e USMLE Step 1 $ 7.00

Flynn    Advance life Support for the USMLE Step 2 $ 7.00

Brochert    Crush the Boards the Ultimate Usmle Step 2 Review, 2001 Rs. 300.00     (New)

Mehta    High-yeild USMLE Step1:Systems-Based Review (Step-up) $ 11.00

Hospital Administration

B.M. Sakharkar    Principles of Hospital Administration and Planning, 1/e Rs. 200.00

C.M. Francis    Hospital Administration, 3/e Rs. 150.00

Davies    Hospital Planning and Administration, 1/e Ind. Rs. 80.00

Pons    Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Secrets, 1/e Rs. 300.00

Shakti Gupta    Hosp.& Health Care Admin. : Appraisal and Referral Treatise Rs. 250.00

R.C. Anand    Hospital Waste Management-A Holistic Approach Rs. 200.00

G.D. Mogli    Medical Records Organisation and Management Rs. 150.00

Shakti Gupta    Hospital Stores Management: An Integrated Approach, 1/e Rs. 300.00


CP Thresyamma    Operating Room Technique and Anaesthesia for
General Nursing Course,1/e, 2001 Rs. 90.00     (New)

Yadav    Synopsis of Medical Instruments and Procedures, 4/e Rs. 100.00

T.K. Datta    Fundamentals of Operation Theatre Services, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Texhammar    AO/ASIF Instruments & Implaints, 1/e Asian(Or. Pr. DM 148.00) DM 90.00

V. Rikh    Medical Instruments, 2/e (Hindi) Rs. 125.00

Goldman    Pocket Guide to the Operating Room, 2/e, Indian Ed Rs. 200.00

Laboratory Medicine

Ramnik Sood    Medical Laboratory Technology (Methods & Interpretations)5/e Rs. 250.00

K.S. Ratnakar    Principles and Practice of Laboratory Medicine, 1/e Rs. 150.00

Satish Gupte    The TB of Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine, 1/e Rs. 80.00

Bansal    Medical Laboratory Technology, 1/e (Hindi) Rs. 125.00

Dailey’s    Notes on Blood, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 100.00

Henry    Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Lab Methods, 21/e    Rs. 1250.00

Goljan    Most Common in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine    Rs. 250.00

Harmening    Modern Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices, 3/e, 1/e Ind. Rs. 450.00

Wedding    Medical Laboratory Procedures, 1/e Rs. 175.00

Sacher    Widmann’s: Clin. Interpretation of Laboratory Test, 10/e Rs. 250.00

Satish Gupte    Short TB of Medical Laboratory for Technicians, 1/e Rs. 85.00

W.H.O.     Basic Laboratory Methods in Medical Parasitology, 1/e Rs. 70.00

W.H.O.    Basic Laboratory Procedures in Clinical Bacteriology, 1/e Rs. 70.00

Rosse    Concise Guide to Laboratory Diagnostic Testing in Psychiatry Rs. 75.00

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